The Tobii EyeMobile allows for completely hands-free access to Windows 8 Pro tablets. It gives individuals with physical and communication impairments the ability to navigate, control and access apps, Internet, music, e-books, social media, games and more through the simple, natural and relaxed movement of the eyes, allowing them to live richer, more connected and independent lives.

The Tobii EyeMobile consists of the Tobii PCEye Go eye tracker, the versatile EyeMobile mounting bracket and a standard, off-the-shelf Windows 8 Pro tablet of choice . You control the device using only your eyes with the truly unique user interface – Tobii Gaze Selection.

Innovative User Interface – touch with your eyes

With Tobii Gaze Selection and its Windows 8 Functions Overlay, touch gestures, various click types, taps, side swipes, as well as accessing charms and split-screen snapping, are done using only your eyes. With this interface, you are able to directly access all the functions and standard apps that run on the Windows 8 tablet.

Supports switch and touch input

Tobii Gaze Selection can also be paired with switches for even faster computer access. In addition, Gaze Selection supports touch- and mouse-enabled input, allowing caretakers to quickly assist or communicate with users.

Apps for Mental Stimulation, Leisure, Creativity and More

Windows 8 Gaze Selection gives you access to the hundreds of thousands of social, professional, entertainment and educational apps currently available for Windows 8 including:  Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Kindle, as well as Facebook and Twitter. You can also access a full suite of productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office, which allows you to send emails, surf the Web, write text, develop spreadsheets and more.  This provides greater opportunities for recreation, employment, mental stimulation as well as for preserving your identity and expressing yourself creatively.

The Tobii EyeMobile can run well over 100 000 of available Windows 8 apps

Gaze Interaction on the Move

Specifically designed with mobile computer access in mind, the Tobii EyeMobile is small, lightweight and easy to bring along when on the move. The integrated table stand lets you quickly set up the device for on-the-fly tabletop use while the versatile mounting plate on the EyeMobile bracket can mount the device on a wheelchair or roll mount for more permanent, mobile use.

Tobii EyeMobile is a truly mobile computer access solution

The EyeMobile is powered entirely by the Windows 8 tablet battery and can be used in bed, at the dinner table, in the car, in the bathroom, in tight public spaces or whenever needed for around-the-clock computer access.

Caters to Your Preferences and Needs

The EyeMobile bracket can be used with nearly any Windows 8 Pro tablet (see “details” section for system requirements). This gives you the freedom to select a tablet that best suits your needs and budget, and makes it easier to keep up to date with technological developments. When the tablet becomes outdated or breaks, simply replace it while keeping the EyeMobile bracket and Tobii PCEye Go eye tracker.

A Flexible Eye Tracker

The Tobii PCEye Go eye tracker can be used on a tablet, laptop and desktop computer.The Tobii PCEye Go is an extremely flexible eye tracker that connects via a single USB cable to the tablet. The same Tobii PCEye Go that is used in the EyeMobile can also be used on a desktop or laptop computer, giving you maximum freedom of choice wherever you go.