Tobii Founders, Mårten Skogö, John Elvesjö and Henrik Eskilsson

The idea of eye tracking first came to John Elvesjö while working at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology. Realizing it was a product that didn’t exist, he decided to invent it.

Working closely with his colleagues Mårten Skogö and Henrik Eskilsson, the trio began to develop a concept, simulate the technology, survey potential markets and find possible investors.

The latter proved no small challenge at a time when the business and financial world was reeling from a newly-burst dot-com bubble. Still, the three founders managed to make the idea reality. Tobii Technology was established in August 2001.

The first of many major steps came in early 2002 when the company managed to sell the first Tobii Eye Tracker. Since then many customers have followed, as have new generations of eye trackers and other products targeting an ever diversifying market.

All three founders are still with the company: Henrik Eskilsson as CEO, John Elvesjö as CTO and Mårten Skogö as Chief Science Officer.

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