The history of Tobii Group

Tobii Founders, Mårten Skogö, John Elvesjö and Henrik Eskilsson

Since its inception in 2001, Tobii has evolved from a local Swedish high-tech company to the global leader in eye tracking. Tobii has brought to market a range of eye-tracking products, most of which have become market leading in their respective segments.


Tobii is founded in August 2001 by the three entrepreneurs—John Elvesjö, Mårten Skogö and Henrik Eskilsson—upon recognizing the large potential of eye tracking.


The world’s first plug-and-play eye tracker—Tobii ET-17—is launched. It’s easy to use and allows the user to move in front of the device, which is a radical innovation in eye tracking. Rapidly it becomes a preferred and reliable tool among researchers to gain insights into human behavior. This marks the starting point for the business unit now known as Tobii Pro.


MyTobii D10—the first product for assisted communication with eye tracking—is launched, and Tobii enters the market for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). This set the foundation for the business unit today known as Tobii Dynavox.

Tobii opens an office in the USA.


MyTobii P10—the world’s first computer with built in eye tracking—is released for the AAC market.


The Tobii T/X-series—a comprehensive suite of eye tracking hardware for research—is launched together with the analytics software Tobii Studio.

Tobii acquires Viking Software AS, strengthening its position with industry-leading communication software for the AAC market.

Tobii opens an office in Germany.


Tobii acquires Assistive Technology Inc., which strengthens its position in the North American AAC market.

Tobii opens offices in Japan and China.


Tobii C-series—a comprehensive suite of AAC devices with eye tracking, touch and other input modalities—is launched.

Tobii IS-1—the first embedded integration system for eye tracking is launched.


Tobii Glasses—the first generation of Tobii eye-tracking glasses enables behavioral studies in real-world environments.


Tobii I-series—a new family of eye-controlled AAC devices is launched.


Tobii EyeX is launched as a development kit for software developers of games and other apps. It marks an important step for the business unit Tobii Tech.

Glasses 2—Tobii’s second generation eye-tracking glasses is launched.

Tobii IS3 platform is launched. It’s recognized as Tobii’s most reliable eye-tracking system and is used in products from Tobii Dynavox, Tobii Tech and SteelSeries.

Tobii acquires DynaVox Systems LLC, adding touchscreen-based AAC devices and market-leading special-education software to its AAC product portfolio.


Tobii takes the first step into the consumer market when SteelSeries, a leading provider of computer gaming peripherals and accessories, starts to sell the SteelSeries Sentry, an eye tracker from Tobii aimed at enthusiast gamers.

Ubisoft integrates Tobii eye tracking into one of its major game titles, Assassin’s Creed Rogue PC which makes a strong imprint on the developer community and the gamer market.

Tobii's share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange.

More details about Tobiis current business

All three founders are still with the company: Henrik Eskilsson as CEO, John Elvesjö as CTO and Mårten Skogö as Chief Science Officer.