Works with standard tablets, laptops and desktop computers

The Tobii PCEye is compatible with laptops and desktop computers that run Microsoft Windows 7 (see specs for more details). It attaches via unique magnetic mounting plates and a USB cable. After a simple installation and calibration process, you can run any application using gaze interaction.

With the EyeMobile bracket, the PCEye Go can also be used on standard tablets that run Windows 8 Pro.

Small and lightweight – a portable eye tracker

The PCEye Go eye tracker is small and lightweight, taking up little space when on the move. It come with a practical travel case, making transportation even easier.

USB powered

The Tobii PCEye Go is powered through a standard USB 2 cable, making it extremely portable and easy to connect and disconnect.

Magnetic mounting plates

The PCEye Go comes with smart magnetic plates and attaching them is very easy. Simply snap it onto the magnetic mount and connect the USB cable. Detaching is just as easy.

For tablet use you simply slide the eye tracker into the tube of the EyeMobile bracket.

Contemporary design

Significant attention has been given to the look and feel of the PCEye. Its sleek, contemporary design allows it to discretely blend in with modern desktops and laptops, without drawing attention away from you or what you want to accomplish or say.

Built-in processor for maximum performance

All eye tracking processing is done on the PCEye Go itself, avoiding additional workload for your computer or tablet. This does not only ensures maximum performance of your computer, it also means that you do not need the latest, most expensive desktop or laptop in order to use gaze interaction.

Fast and simple, one-time calibration

Calibrating the Tobii PCEye eye tracker typically takes between 5-20 seconds to complete and automatically provides visual feedback on the quality of calibration. If necessary, improvements to the calibration can be made.

Calibration is a one-time process - you can turn off your computer or leave the eye tracker without losing your personal settings.

Multiple user profiles

Through the support of multiple user profiles, you can create, save and retrieve different settings depending on your situation. Perhaps you want one setting in the mornings when you might be more alert, and a different one in the afternoon when you are becoming tired.

Multiple calibration profiles for different users

Tobii PCEye eye tracker is perfect for a classroom environment as many user calibration settings can be saved and accessed at any time.

Two modes to control your computer

Accompanying PCEye is the Tobii Gaze Interaction Software, which eliminates the need for a physical mouse, switch or keyboard. However, you can still use these in combination with the PCEye, should you want to.

The interaction software has two components, Mouse Emulation, which replaces the traditional mouse cursor with the user's gaze, and the award winning Gaze Selection.

Gaze Selection makes it possible to control your desktop, or any other application, through an intuitive two-step process that reduces the risk of unwanted clicks. Tobii Gaze Selection gives you a more relaxed computer access and the ability to hit smaller targets for full computer access. Watch a short presentation of Gaze Selection here.

Integrated keyboard

Use Gaze Selection's built in keyboard to write shorter texts or to enter a web address. If you want a more powerful keyboard you can use the ones that come with the optional Tobii Communicator.


Should you need dedicated, augmented and alternative communication software, you can also run Tobii Communicator and Tobii Sono Key. These powerful software packages provide many options for more assisted communication, computer access and environmental control.

"The Tobii advantage"

Tobii is the global pioneer of eye tracking technology, with over 11 years of dedicated research, experience and innovation. Over the years we have improved our technology and expertise, which is built into all our eye trackers, including the Tobii PCEye Go.

Advanced patented algorithms, filtering and high quality components, to name a few, make all Tobii eye trackers extremely accurate, precise and robust.

High precision and accuracy

The PCEye, together with the zoom functionality of Tobii Gaze Selection, allows you to hit even the smallest targets on the screen, almost with pixel precision, again and again.

Largest Trackbox

The trackbox, the imaginary volume within which you can move your head without losing accuracy, or interrupting the eye tracking session, is among the largest on the market. The large size gives you the freedom to sit or lie down comfortably with maintained eye tracking performance.

Head movement compensation

Move freely within the trackbox while maintaining superior precision and accuracy. Should you move outside of the trackbox, the PCEye will quickly find your eyes again and continue to track them.

Superior Trackability

The Tobii PCEye provides high-quality tracking results for over 95% of the users, compared to any other system, regardless of most lighting conditions, eye color, or if you are wearing contacts or glasses.