The Tobii I-12 and Tobii I-15 are speech generating devices that enable effective communication in all forms – from voice output, environmental control and computer access, to long distance communication. A rugged design, unparalleled power management, support for touch to gaze interaction and more make the I-Series ideal for everyday use.

Communication Unbound

The Tobii I-Series consists of the Tobii I-12 and Tobii I-15, two speech generating devices that can be controlled through gaze interaction via a built in eye tracker. The I-Series is optimized for individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Rett, ALS or Stroke/Aphasia, who rely on assistive and augmentative communication to make their voices heard, in order to live more independent and integrated lives.

Always On

From face-to-face to long distance communication, the I-Series adapts to your lifestyle and can be used indoors, outdoors, in bed, at the dinner table – anywhere, anytime.

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Enhanced Social Connectivity

With the Tobii I-Series, staying social has never been easier. The wide range of software and functionality lets you easily engage in daily communication through speech, as well as effortlessly connect with others via e-mail, text messaging, chat, Skype or through phone calls using the most advanced Bluetooth technology. I-Series devices also lets you take and share photos, surf the web, play games, access regular computer applications and control the environment around you.

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Purposeful, Durable Design

Tobii I-Series devices are designed with a purpose – to adapt to your needs and provide more communication independence than ever before, while standing up to the hardships of everyday life. Take it along with you without worrying about damage. Use it in noisy environments and still be heard. Switch users at school without losing your personal settings.  I-Series devices are convenient, reliable, tough and built to be used.

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