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Being able to speak is something that most people take for granted. However, some of us are born with Cerebral Palsy, have ALS/MND or may have acquired a disability through an injury or a stroke—all of which can impair our ability to speak.

Tobii has released a range of new augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solutions that help individuals with speech impairments communicate.

Tobii Sono Suite is a collection of fully customizable AAC content programs designed specifically for Tobii’s industry-leading C-Series communication devices. Tobii Sono Suite Toolkit, a feature-matching assessment tool that enables medical professionals and caregivers to accurately and easily develop custom-fit care solutions for those with communication disabilities and promote long-term development of communication skills.

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  • Tobii Gaze Viewer

    With Tobii Gaze Viewer you can record eye tracking data from any application:

    • Assess an individual’s physical capabilities and cognitive understanding
    • Visualize gaze data with heatmaps and gazeplots
    • Export single images or videos
    • Easy to use
    Learn more about Tobii Gaze Viewer
  • Communicator 5

    Versatile software for all communication levels - from from emerging communication to literate adults.

    • Complete solution for all aspects of communication
    • Modern user interface, improved functions and design
    • Literally everything can be individualized
    Learn more about Communicator 5
  • Tobii Communicator

    Tobii Communicator

    Versatile software for communication on all levels - easy symbol expression up to full computer control.

    • Complete solution for all aspects of communication
    • Includes close 15,000 SymbolStix symbols
    • Literally everything is customizable
    Learn more about Tobii Communicator
  • Compass 2.0

    Compass 2.0 is the innovative, flexible, and robust software solution thatempowers individuals with complex communication needs. 

    • Fast and efficient communication
    • Unique, research-based Core Word Strategy
    • A full-breadth of pre-stored communication - symbols, pictures, words, and phrases
    Learn more about Compass 2.0
  • Tobii Sono Flex - The Symbol Vocabulary App

    Tobii Sono Flex

    Vocabulary app that turns symbols into clear speech.

    • Provides a solid structure to build a large vocabulary without cluttering up the interface or requiring long and winding navigation paths.
    • Customize the vocabulary to the current and future needs of the user.
    • Develop within Flex, into other Sono Suite products, or even switch hardware platforms.
    Learn more about Tobii Sono Flex
  • SymbolMate

    Tobii SymbolMate

    SymbolMate is ideal for creating paper-based communication pages and educational material with symbols, text or photos.

    • Create, edit, manage and print page sets
    • Works in perfect unison with Tobii S32, but also with other brands
    • Flexible with support for different symbols libraries, file formats etc.
    Learn more about Tobii SymbolMate
  • Sono Primo

    Tobii Sono Primo

    Sono Primo allows young users to set off on the path to success from the very beginning of an AAC intervention through:

    • Core vocabulary and situational words as single symbols
    • Social scripts with different levels of complexity
    • Visual scenes providing full context information
    Learn more about Tobii Sono Primo
  • Sono Scribe

    Tobii Sono Scribe

    Content package providing freedom of expression of text-based communication, while refinedly accelerating input speed.

    • Extensive predefined base of commonly used words and phrases
    • Sophisticated word prediction accelerates typing with unprecedented accuracy
    • Integration of commonly requested long distance communication tools
    Learn more about Tobii Sono Scribe
  • Sono Key

    Tobii Sono Key

    Intuitive communication package providing access to all functions of the communication device for literate persons.

    • Unified highly intuitive user interface
    • Integrates long distance communication tools and computer access
    • Easy customization without any programming
    Learn more about Tobii Sono Key
  • Sono Lexis

    Tobii Sono Lexis

    Sophisticated AAC vocabulary enabling individual expression for independant communicators using symbols.

    • High consistency in design supports easy learning and quick operation
    • Integration of commonly requested long distance communication tools
    • Modular design allows easy amendments and customization
    Learn more about Tobii Sono Lexis
  • LiterAACy

    Tobii LiterAACy

    LiterAACy is a system that makes it easier for individuals with speech and communication impairments to learn how to read and write.

    • Access to up to 3 000 words with an average of 2 button presses
    • Efficient communication through using the clear SymbolStix® symbols
    • Color coding according to the Fitzgerald key makes it easier to find the correct type of word, such as nouns or verbs.
    Learn more about Tobii LiterAACy

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