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Being able to speak is something that most people take for granted. However, some of us are born with Cerebral Palsy, have ALS/MND or may have acquired a disability through an injury or a stroke—all of which can impair our ability to speak.

Tobii has released a range of new augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solutions that help individuals with speech impairments communicate.

Tobii Sono Suite is a collection of fully customizable AAC content programs designed specifically for Tobii’s industry-leading C-Series communication devices. Tobii Sono Suite Toolkit, a feature-matching assessment tool that enables medical professionals and caregivers to accurately and easily develop custom-fit care solutions for those with communication disabilities and promote long-term development of communication skills.

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  • Tobii PCEye Explore

    PCEye Explore

    The PCEye Explore provides a simple and fun way to learn eye tracking and get prepared for AAC:

    • Entry level, peripheral eye tracker
    • Simple, fun and no-fail way to learn how to use eye tracking
    • Thousands of software titles and web applications
    Learn more about PCEye Explore
  • Tobii EyeMobile for Computer Access on the Go

    Tobii EyeMobile

    Control Windows 8 tablets using only your eyes.

    • Hands-free Computer Access on the Go
    • Groundbreaking Windows 8 Eye Tracking Interface
    • The Most Versatile Eye Tracker in the World
    Learn more about Tobii EyeMobile
  • T-Series

    The T-Series supports multiple access methods including direct select, scanning, and head mouse capabilities.

    • Purpose-built communication systems combining tablet-style form
    • Portable and compact T10
    • When bigger is better, the all new T15
    Learn more about T-Series
  • Tobii M-Series

    The Tobii M-Series is a truly portable, rugged communication aid that lets you talk at home, on the bus, at work, indoors, outdoors – basically wherever you go.

    • Touch input
    • Small, lightweight and easy to carry
    • Easy to use
    • Built on modern technology
    • Great sound
    Learn more about Tobii M-Series
  • Tobii I-Series

    Tobii I-Series

    Purpose built communication devices that enable communication – in all forms, anywhere, anytime.

    • Ready When You Are
    • Enhanced Social Connectivity
    • Purposeful, Durable Design
    Learn more about Tobii I-Series
  • Tobii PCEye Go

    Tobii PCEye Go

    Unbeatable computer access through gaze interaction. Works with standard laptops and desktop computers.

    • Relaxed and precise computer access
    • Extreme portability
    • Doesn't slow your computer down
    Learn more about Tobii PCEye Go
  • AAC speech device that plays back pre-recorded messages - Tobii S32

    Tobii S32 Touch/Scan

    An AAC speech device that plays back pre-recorded messages, sounds or IR-signals, activated by touch or scanning.

    • Store up to 60 hours of speech or sound
    • Great sound that people will hear
    • Durable design
    Learn more about Tobii S32 Touch/Scan
  • Past Product Images

    Retired Products

    Here you will find documentation, guides, downloads or drivers for one of our previous or discontinued products such as:

    • MyTobii P10
    • Mercury
    • Mini Merc
    • LEO
    • Tobii PCEye
    Learn more about Retired Products

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