Hunter and his MyTobii P10

Hunter and his MyTobii P10

Hunter Dunn is a remarkable young man living in Virginia. Hunter has Cerebral Palsy and has recently received a MyTobii P10. Working with him and his family has been a pleasure for everyone at Tobii. Hunter wrote the following beautiful letter to us, that we have included so he can share his experience with you all.

“My Tobii has made such a difference in my life. Until one of my doctors at Duke Medical Center asked people in their speech department if there was anything that might work for me, I was totally locked into a body with limited communication with the outside world. In today’s global society, this was not good. With the help of a speech therapist and a rehab engineer at Duke, I was exposed to the Tobii P10 eye gaze computer. It was awesome. Even with my uncontrolled movements due to my cerebral palsy, for the first time there was a system that could read my eyes. Now, I could surf the net, write my music lyrics without someone to put it on paper for me, chat with my friends, and email people on my own. Communication was finally really opened for me. The freedom of downloading music to my iPod, turning on my TV, and scrolling channels became a reality as well!

All of these things are exactly what I have been doing too. I am no longer shut out from being able to “talk” to friends, because not only does the P10 allow me internet access, it also is my augmentative communication device. I can openly be a part of a conversation with peers, friends, and family.

From the caring tech staff, to my sales contact person, Wayne Jones, to the people in the main office, Tobii has been wonderful for me.

If I had only had the P10 while I was in school, the sky really would have been the limit for me, instead of “locked” in this body that would not allow me to truly express myself. Thank you My Tobii for giving me a new lease on life.

Hunter S. Dunn”