Event Calendar

Here you will find all the upcoming events in which Tobii Pro participates. If you want to see only the events organized by Tobii Pro, please click on the Tobii Pro Events item in the menu to the right.

  • October 17 - October 21, Chicago, IL, USA

    Neuroscience 2015

    Neuroscience 2015 is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations, explore new tools and technologies. 

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  • October 19 - October 20, Frankfurt, Germany

    UX Congress 2015

    Tobii Pro will be hosting a one-day workshop on eye tracking this October during the UX Congress in Frankfurt, Germany. 

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  • October 26 - October 30, Los Angeles, USA

    HFES 2015

    HFES Annual Meetings are important events for the Society's members and others who are interested in the latest developments in the field.

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  • October 27, 02:00 pm EDT (GMT -4), Online

    Tobii Pro Webinar: Studying Visual Behavior in Simulated Environments

    Join us for a webinar on October 27th in which we will discuss the use of Tobii Pro’s wearable eye tracking solutions in simulated research environments. During this presentation, we will explain how eye tracking technology can be applied in this area of research and provide real world examples of how Tobii Pro Glasses 2 has been applied cutting-edge research within this field.

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  • October 28 - October 29, Munich, Germany

    Research & Results 2015

    Research & Results is the leading international trade show for market research. 

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  • October 29, 11:00 am CST (GMT -6), Online

    Tobii Pro Webinar: Introducción a la investigación de seguimiento ocular

    En este webinar de 1 hora (45 minutos + tiempo para preguntas) vamos a dar una introducción al seguimiento ocular como método de investigación, así como a Tobii Eye Trackers y Tobii Studio.

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  • November 2 - November 4, Orlando, FL, USA

    TMRE 2015

    The ultimate experience for insights executives, The Market Research Event  is the biggest market research events.

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  • November 5, 09:00 am CET (GMT +1), Online

    Tobii Pro Webinar: Wearable eye tracking and ethnographic field methods – an autonomous approach

    In this webinar we will walk you through an ethnographic pilot study of young peoples’ reading behavior and media usage. 

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  • November 10, 9:00 am CET (GMT +1), Online

    Tobii Pro Webinar: Introduction to eye tracking research

    In this webinar you will get introduced to eye tracking as a research method, Tobii Eye Trackers, and Tobii Studio.

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  • November 19, 05:00 pm CET (GMT +1), Online

    Tobii Pro Webinar: Pushing In-store Research to the Next Level

    Wearable eye tracking is the future of shopper, packaging, and retail research. In this emergent field of study, no one has more experience than Tobii Pro’s Insight Research Services team. If you would like to learn about this powerful in-store tool from the world leader, please join us for an informational webinar.

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