Tobii Pro Program

Tobii Pro works closely with many partners to realize eye tracking in a multitude of applications in order to promote eye tracking as a tool in research and analysis. These companies represent a selection of partners who provide different solutions for different research areas.

 Acuity Logotype (Partner)


Acuity Intelligence 

Acuity Intelligence Ltd provides software development and consultancy services to a range of customers including academic (scientific research) and commercial (market research and usability studies) sectors.  We are a research led company with in-house skills in experimental design, visual attention and perception, video analysis and image processing, data analysis and reporting.  As the developer of the Matlab binding for the Tobii SDK, we are uniquely placed to provide specialist knowledge and support with development of innovative paradigms, analyses and visualisations in Matlab using Tobii eye-trackers. 




Cedrus develops StimTracker, a product that allows researchers to send event makers to their Tobii eye tracker and EEG amplifier simultaneously, thus providing them with an identical timebase.  Cedrus also develops Lumina fMRI-compatible response pad and SuperLab stimulus presentation software.

 Dr Hornecker


Dr. Hornecker

Since 1997 Dr. Hornecker Softwareentwicklung is implementing signal processing and vizualisation modules in various scientific and commercial fields, for example methods for analyzing EEG and ECG data in medical applications, laser scanner data in forestry projects or processing and visualization of trading data for the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt. The actual focus of Dr. Hornecker is the development of cloud-based signal processing frameworks as well as applications in neuromarketing. 


Electrical Geodesics Incorporated (EGI)

Founded in 1992, Electrical Geodesics Incorporated (EGI) are now over 750 EGI-supported research laboratories worldwide. EGI systems have supported the research in over 1000 publications in leading scientific and medical journals. EGI is the world leader in dense array electroencephalography (dEEG) technology allowing abrasion-free, gel-free, painless EEG application with the fastest application time in the industry. EGI systems are now widely used in human neuroscience research laboratories around the world, addressing topics such as the mechanisms of visual attention, emotion regulation, working memory, language acquisition, autism research, neurophysiological processes of normal sleep, etc. EGI systems carry the highest level of regulatory clearances such as CE, CSA, FDA, etc.



EyeTracking, Inc.

EyeTracking, Inc. is a leading provider of eyetracking services, software & expertise. For over a decade we have driven innovation in virtually every area of visual behavior & cognitive workload research. Our EyeWorks software suite is a full-featured platform designed for study development, data collection, analysis & reporting and is compatible with most eye trackers. EyeTracking, Inc.’s other software products include the Cognitive Workload Module & Quad Server for multiple sensor data integration.   




iMotions powers researchers in more than 45 countries and enables them to execute research within eye tracking, facial expression analysis, GSR, EEG, ECG, EMG and self-reporting in one simple to use software platform. It helps researchers to conduct state-of-the-art human behavior research in the areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Factors Engineering, Education, Health, Business and Human Computer Interaction. The platform which is targeted at Market, Academic, Usability and Gaming research is used worldwide by large clients like MIT, Harvard, Stanford universities and P&G, Nestle and Kraft to elevate their research. To see how it works in 2 minutes, click here.



Millisecond Software, LLC

Millisecond Software produces Inquisit, a powerful software platform for stimulus presentation and cognitive/neuropsychological testing in the lab and remotely over the web. Inquisit is used in over a thousand research institutions throughout the world for a wide range of psychological research and instruction applications. Millisecond offers a large and growing library of popular, ready-to-use psychological tasks, and provides an easy and flexible programming environment for customization and development of innovative new psychological measures.




The MEDIABLIX IIT GmbH, affiliated with Bielefeld University, Germany, is a modern usability service provider examining media, point-of-sale, or software products according to the latest scientific findings and their long time experiences in eye-tracking research.The company uses Tobii eye tracking technology to realize an interface between an eye and motion tracking system for the automatic 3D gaze vector calculation and visualization as well as object specific gaze data analysis.



NeuroCode AG

NeuroCode AG (founded in 2003) acts as a Contract Research Organisation offering preclinical drug discovery, certified clinical trials and advertisement research by combining Neurocode Tracking (fast dynamic quantitative EEG analysis) with Eye Tracking. NeuroCode AG has developed the fastest quantitative analysis of electric brain activity (single epoch length of 364 ms corresponding to about 3 pictures/second) to be used concomitantly with eye tracking. Surrogate parameters like visual perception, memory, focussed attention, enjoyment, tension, mental activation are followed gaze by gaze quantitatively. Interpretation of spectral signatures of electric brain activity (Enkephaloglyphs) is based on more than 30 years experience of Prof. Dr. Wilfried Dimpfel (Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany).



Noldus Information Technology

As experts in the field of data integration and observational research, Noldus recognizes the challenges and brings in the knowledge to assist and advice partners. Moreover, Noldus is an international partner operating from 14 offices in 8 different countries and is represented by 12 distributors. Trust Noldus consultants to help you to gain insight in decision-making processes, appreciation, and more! In short, Noldus contributes to a world where technology applied to understanding behavior enables people to make better products and increase quality of life.


RYKLIN Software

Ryklin Software provides customized software solutions for eye tracking research, data analysis, and gaze contingent interaction.



Psychology Software Tools (PST)

Psychology Software Tools (PST) is a world leader in stimulus presentation software with over 20,000 users of their flagship product E-Prime®. E-Prime provides a truly easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis. PST also offers a hardware product line of advanced solutions for fMRI research, including an MRI Simulator, Digital Projection System, Button Response System, and Noise Cancellation Microphone. Their customer base is comprised of more than 3,000 research institutions and laboratories in over 50 countries.

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