Tobii Glasses represent the latest developments in mobile eye tracking. New technology and design enable unobtrusive, time-efficient and accurate mobile eye tracking studies in real-world environments.

Mobile eye tracking for research in real-world environments

Tobii Glasses are a new, unobtrusive and efficient mobile eye tracker (head- mounted eye tracker) for capturing natural behavior in both qualitative and quantitative real-world research. The Tobii Glasses system includes a pair of eye tracking Glasses, a Recording Assistant and, optionally, infrared (IR) markers for automated generation of aggregated eye tracking data from several test subjects.  

The discreet, ultra-lightweight design ensures natural behavior and research validity. Accurate data and robust eye tracking capabilities can be relied on in uncontrolled situations and real-world environments. Automated data mapping and aggregation (requiring IR markers), along with system-guided procedures, promote process efficiency.  

Field of use

The Tobii Glasses Eye Tracker is suitable for use in areas such as:

Tobii Glasses enable eye tracking studies to be conducted in real-world environments, such as stores, and subjects to interact freely with physical objects or other people. Their unobtrusive design ensures natural behavior and research validity.

The Tobii Glasses Eye Tracker is available for purchase or rental.

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