Tobii Pro Glasses 2, the next generation wearable eye tracking tool, gives researchers the ability to capture truly objective and deep insights into human behavior in any real-world environment.

Mobile eye tracking for research in real-world environments

Tobii Pro Glasses 2 shows exactly what a person is looking at in real time as she or he moves freely in a shop, a restaurant or any real-world environment. The discreet, ultra-lightweight design with unobstructed side view ensures natural behavior and research validity. 

Benefits of wearable eye tracking:

  • Reveal what catches attention and interest.
  • Understand indiviual perception of the world and what drives decisions.
  • Capture spontaneous responses that are unfiltered by the conscious mind.
  • Observe accurate and precise visual behavior in real time.

Fields of reseach

Tobii Pro Glasses 2 is a wearable eye tracking tool ideal for:

 Tobii Glasses 2 shopper research      Tobii Glasses 2 in driving
In-store shopper research: package design,
shelf, POP promotion, store planning.
  Driving, usability studies.
 Tobii Glasses 2 in mobile phone testing    Tobii Glasses 2 in advertising
Mobile device testing.


Out-of-home advertising,
TV advertising.

 Tobii Glasses2 menu board

Tobii Glasses2 usability signage navigation

Menu boards at restaurants.   Usability, signage and navigation.

 Tobii Glasses2 in sports research

Tobii Glasses2 simulator

Sports research, sports psychology.   Simulators, control panels,
training evaluation, novice vs expert


Pro Glasses 2 is also suitable for studies of social interaction and group dynamics.

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