Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers enable you to conduct on-screen eye tracking studies for a wide variety of research purposes. Accurate 60 or 120 Hz eye tracking delivers reliable results in a natural testing environment.

Screen based eye tracking for a broad range of studies

Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers are integrated in a 17-inch TFT monitor and are designed for all types of eye tracking studies where the stimuli can be presented on the monitor. The eye tracking system can be set up easily and run on most Windows computers, providing a highly portable solution that can be used at a variety of locations, both in and out of the lab.

The eye tracking system allows for a large degree of head movement, providing a distraction-free test environment that ensures natural behavior, and therefore valid results. The eye tracking technology’s high level of accuracy and precision ensures that the research results are reliable. Researchers do not need specialist expertise to conduct studies, which can be completed efficiently.

The Tobii T120 Eye Tracker offers a higher tracking frequency for eye tracking studies that require finer gaze-detail data.

Field of use

Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers are suitable for use in areas such as:

Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers are characterized by their ease of use and unobtrusiveness, allowing subjects to move freely and naturally. This makes them suitable for a very broad range of eye tracking studies both inside the laboratory and out in the field. 

Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers are available for purchase or for rental. 

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