Collect eye tracking data in a coffee shop, at the mall or in an office - wherever your participants are. Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker is a new small, affordable, full-feature eye tracking system that snaps into place on your laptop so you can study websites or ads. Get instant, cost-efficient insights into visual attention and interest.

New small eye tracking system for your portable lab

The Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker  is a revolutionary small eye tracking system, powered by the latest generation innovative eye tracking technology from Tobii.

Easily snap it on to a laptop, a PC monitor, or even a tablet for a compact, highly portable eye tracking solution. You only need to plug in a single USB cable. It is ideal for usability and market research studies in the field so you can test participants in their familiar surroundings. The full-feature eye tracking system delivers the same high quality of data as our other eye trackers and its very robust participant tracking capability enables you to work efficiently with a wide cross-section of your population.

Maximum flexibility, portability, and a significantly lower price make it possible to integrate eye tracking into every interface design or communication project.

Versatile for a broad spectrum of eye tracking studies

The Tobii X2-30 Eye Trackers can be used for a large variety of test scenarios and stimuli dimensions. They are the perfect choice for on-screen studies on your laptop or PC monitor and for mobile device testing. Additionally high quality tracking of large gaze angels (up to 36°) also allows you to study large projections or real-world surfaces.

The variety of study designs are supported by supplied mounting solutions.

 Eye Tracking System Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker Laptop    Eye Tracking System Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker Shelf Projection
Flush mount on screens up to 25''.  
  Track larger screens with deskstand
accessory or tripod.
 Eye Tracking System Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker Mobile Phone    Eye Tracking System Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker Ticket Machine

Track phones and tablets with Tobii
Mobile Device Stand for X2 accessory


Possible to track any device or surface.

Fields of use

The Tobii X2-30 Eye Trackers are designed for studies primarily aimed at determining precisely where the participants are looking — the gaze point—rather than studying timing, duration of fixations or eye movements such as saccades, for example. The eye trackers are suitable for use in usability, market research and other research, in studies such as:

  • Website and software usability studies
  • Copy testing, digital campaigns and TV commercials
  • Package design studies
  • Real-world interface studies that require a small eye tracker, such as studies of an ATM, ticket machine, or control panel.

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