Tobii X60 and X120 Eye Trackers offer flexible, real-world stimuli setup options, which enable you to measure how people view physical objects, projections and video screens. Accurate 60 or 120 Hz tracking delivers reliable results in a natural testing environment.

Flexible eye tracker for real-world stimuli setups

Tobii X60 and X120 Eye Trackers are stand-alone eye tracking units designed for eye tracking studies of real-world flat surfaces or scenes such as physical objects, projections and video screens. They enable studies requiring specific stimuli setups, such as studies of shopping shelves, newspapers or television.

The system allows for large head movements, providing a distraction-free test environment that ensures natural behavior, and therefore valid results. The high accuracy and precision of the tracking technology ensures that the research results are reliable. The Tobii X120 Eye Tracker offers higher tracking frequency for studies that require finer gaze-detail data.

The system can be run on most Windows computers and configuring the hardware is simple. 

Solution for eye tracking of mobile devices

The Tobii Mobile Device Stand, in combination with the included scene camera with adjustable mounting arm, is designed to test mobile devices using the Tobii X60 or X120 Eye Tracker. Used together with Tobii X60 or X120 Eye Tracker and Tobii Studio analysis software, it provides a dedicated solution for efficient and high quality eye tracking testing of mobile devices. The solution allows test participants to interact with the mobile device in a natural way, creating a distraction-free user experience. Besides qualitative studies, the solution allows for data aggregation and quantitative research.

Monitor mount for screen based eye tracking research

The Tobii X60/X120 Monitor Mount accessory provides an efficient way to use the Tobii X60 or X120 Eye Tracker in screen-based stimuli testing. By providing a fixed geometry between the eye tracker and monitor, it allows you to easily adjust the setup as a whole for different test subjects.

Fields of use

The Tobii X60 and X120 Eye Trackers are suitable for use in areas such as:

The Tobii X60 and X120 Eye Trackers are unobtrusive and provide numerous stimuli setup options. Their ability to handle studies where the stimuli cannot primarily be shown on a TFT monitor means greater flexibility in terms of studies that can be conducted.

Tobii X60 and X120 Eye Trackers are available for purchase or for rental. Alternatively, you can select a pay-per-use solution, where you pay only when eye-tracking tests are performed. The Tobii Desk Stand is included in the hardware package.

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