Tobii Analytics Software Development Kit (Tobii Analytics SDK) provides a comprehensive toolbox for the development of eye tracking-enabled software on multiple platforms using a wide range of programming languages.

Tobii Analytics SDK 3.0

Tobii Analytics SDK 3.0 has now been released and is ready to be integrated into your eye tracking-enabled application. It contains API bindings for several programming languages, code samples and a comprehensive Developer’s Guide.

Download Tobii Analytics SDK 3.0 for free here.

Develop many types of eye tracking analysis applications

Tobii Analytics SDK is the Tobii SDK of choice for developing eye tracking analysis applications, i.e. applications that store gaze data to analyze user behavior. Tobii Gaze SDK is recommended for gaze-control applications to steer computers.

Tobii Analytics SDK offers API bindings for many programming languages, thereby enabling developers to create many different kinds of eye tracking analysis applications—from custom research paradigms for scientific research to commercial applications.

Cross-platform MATLAB bindings for free

Tobii Analytics SDK 3.0 ships with free MATLAB bindings for Windows and Mac OS X. Moreover, Tobii Analytics SDK 3.0 will replace the older Tobii Toolbox for MATLAB which will be end-of-life classified. Tobii therefore advises all Tobii Toolbox for MATLAB users to migrate to Tobii Analytics SDK 3.0.

Also, because Tobii Analytics SDK 3.0 supports MATLAB on Mac OS X, users of Talk2Tobii and T2T (not supported by Tobii) should consider migrating to Tobii Analytics SDK 3.0 to ensure compatibility with the latest Tobii eye tracker hardware.

More features and information.

Application market for Tobii eye trackers

Tobii has created an application market for sharing of applications that build on Tobii Analytics SDK.