Tobii Pro Studio is the leading eye tracking analysis and visualization software. It provides a comprehensive platform for stimuli presentation, recording, observation, visualization and analysis of eye tracking and other data streams. Large amounts of data are easily processed for meaningful interpretation.

Comprehensive eye tracking analysis and visualization software

Tobii Pro Studio allows you to design your eye tracking test, run test sessions, observe sessions remotely, replay and visualize the results, and calculate statistics – all in a single solution. 

  • Design – Intuitive tools for test design and stimuli presentation enable you to easily create eye tracking tests and experiments.
  • Record – Integrated recording of eye tracking data and a wide range of other data provides a holistic view of behavior.
  • Observe – Remote live viewing of eye tracking sessions provides deep insights into subjects’ experiences and behavior in real time.  
  • Replay – Replay of eye tracking sessions and event logging enable in-depth qualitative analysis.
  • Visualization – Graphical visualizations, such as heat maps and gaze plots, make your eye tracking data understandable and provide a powerful tool for qualitative analysis and presentation. (Professional and Enterprise editions only).
  • Statistics – Calculation of eye tracking and click metrics, and flexible tables and charts enable you to structure, have an overview of, and quantitatively analyze your data. (Professional and Enterprise editions only).

Eye tracking analysis and visualization software

Tobii Pro Studio comes in three different versions: Live, Professional and Enterprise editions. For a complete list of features for each edition, click here to download the Tobii Pro Studio Feature Comparison sheet.

Pro Studio supports project-based work, handles multiple tests per project and enables administration of large numbers of test participants. Intuitive workflow allows practitioners, researchers and students to work with the software without extensive training.

The following pages will take you through the workflow and features of the software:
> Pro Studio features: Design

Fields of use

Tobii Pro Studio supports a broad range of eye tracking studies, from usability testing and market research to psychology and vision research.

The software is ideal for evaluating user experiences and consumer responses with regard to:

Pro Studio is also suitable for a wide range of psychology and physiological experiments, such as: 

Pro Studio is available in three versions: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Non-recording versions are also available.

Download a free 30-day trial version of Tobii Pro Studio here.

Free Tobii SDK download

To help you develop your own applications, the Tobii Software Development Kit (Tobii SDK) is available as a free download. Tobii SDK provides a comprehensive toolbox for the development of software applications used for controlling and retrieving eye tracking data from Tobii eye trackers.