Eye Tracking Research

Eye tracking is used to answer an endless array of research questions in fields ranging from psychology, infant and reading research to neuroscience and vision research. In usability studies and market research eye tracking provides unique methods to evaluate how users and consumers experience and perceive different media and communication messages.

  • Tobii Glasses 2 usability research mobile device

    Usability testing

    Eye tracking has become a key method for the usability testing of websites and software. It is also is used for testing usability of mobile devices and other physical products.

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  • Tobii eye tracking simulator

    Human-Computer Interaction

    Eye tracking is used to analyze user behavior and user interface usability in a wide range of human-computer interaction (HCI) research and as an actual control medium.

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  • Eye tracking System for Developmental psychology

    Developmental psychology

    In developmental research eye tracking is used to explain growth and transformation in perceptual, cognitive, and social abilities from infancy through young adulthood.

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  • Eye tracking for Linguistics Study

    Psycholinguistics & reading

    Eye tracking is used in research of human language development and skills, in studies ranging from early language aquistition to reading-and-tracking-task performance.

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  • Ophthalmology


    In the field of ophthalmology, vision specialists use eye tracking to study oculomotor behavior, cognitive visual function and vision deficiencies.

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  • Neuroscience


    Neuroscientists use eye tracking in studies of physiological processes and their correlation with cognitive and emotional influences. Studies range from visual processing to neurological diseases.

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  • Nonhuman Primate Research

    Eye tracking in the study of nonhuman primates is used by some of the leading institutes in the field, testing cognitive ability, comparative social cues and behavioral neuroscience/ecology of mans’ closest relative.

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  • Tobii Glasses 2 shopper research

    Package design & shopper research

    Eye tracking provides unique methods to understand shopper behavior and evaluate package design, POP promotion, product placement and store planning.

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  • Tobii Glasses 2 advertising testing

    Advertising research

    Eye tracking is a well established method for pre-testing and analyzing online markeing, print ads, out-of-home media, TV commercials, and sports marketing.

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  • Tobii Glasses 2 in sports research

    Sports Research

    Eye tracking is used as a tool in sports research to optimize athletic performance and to detect flaws linked to attentional focus, trajectory estimations, visual search strategies or hand-eye coordination.

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  • policemen in highway control station

    Security and Law Enforcement

    Eye tracking can be used to improve security in many ways. With industrial partners, Tobii explores fields such as data protection, conventional security and process surveillance.

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