Security and Law Enforcement

policemen in highway control station

Eye tracking can be used to improve security in many ways. With industrial partners, Tobii explores fields such as data protection, conventional security and process surveillance.

Eye tracking provides an unobtrusive, truly objective and highly efficient method for understanding attention, behavior and cognitive processing. Cognitive load and visual search strategies can be detected via eye gaze patterns and pupil responses. This can, just to mention a few examples, be used to:

  • baggage scanDetect if people are telling a lie or if they recognize a specific person or scene.
  • Alter screen contents in real time based on where a person is looking in such a way that information is visually protected from others.
  • Record and monitor the real-time attention and vigilance of operators; for instance for baggage scanning at airports or video surveillance operators. This makes it possible to guarantee quality of human operator attention.

Latest publications where Tobii eye trackers have been used:


Tobii eye tracking solutions

Tobii offers complete solutions for eye tracking, eye tracking components for industrial integration, custom development projects, and training and services that will bring you up to speed quickly.

Our range of eye trackers includes remote screen or standalone eye tracking systems, as well as head mounted eye tracking systems. Software development kits are available for development of analysis and gaze interaction niche applications.

Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker is a fully integrated eye tracking OEM component. Representing a leap forward in eye tracking, it provides unique new opportunities to enhance a variety of products by incorporating eye tracking.

Tobii is working together with several partners that are building unique and new security and law enforcement solutions centered on eye tracking.

Please contact Tobii to discuss how eye tracking can be integrated into your security solution.