Advanced Driver Assistance with Tobii Eye Tracking

A natural and intuitive interface for in-vehicle information with Tobii Eye Tracking

Tobii offers world-leading eye tracking technology to automakers that look to innovative technology for human-machine interaction. By integrating Tobii Eye Tracking, automakers can meet consumers’ desire to extend their connected lifestyle and add the most reliable driver status detection to existing safety systems.

Connected cars require intuitive and non-distracting interfaces

Wireless connectivity and digital content will introduce new value propositions that go beyond consumers’ basic transportation needs. Steps to minimize driver distraction are critical to accelerating the safe adoption of in-vehicle information and communication technologies.

Tobii Eye Tracking provides an intuitive and natural user interface that fits well with the hands-on-the-wheel and eyes-on-the-road driving principles. It will help auto companies to design connected-vehicle features and infotainment systems that reduce driver distraction during use.

Eye tracking provides the most natural and intuitive look-and-click interface today. As in-vehicle environments become increasingly complex, it allows quick and easy access and interaction with the vehicle’s infotainment system while allowing drivers to maintain attention on the road.

Driver status monitoring prevents accidents due to drowsiness

The very same eye tracking system can also monitor a driver’s status, as well as warn one who’s drowsy or distracted. The causes of traffic accidents are many – but statistics show that a significant proportion is due to driver drowsiness and distraction.

Tobii Eye Tracking monitors and detects the status of the driver, such as drowsiness, distraction and point of attention by following the movements of the driver’s eyelids and the direction of his or her gaze. These are the most reliable and accurate measures to warn drivers of an onset of uncontrolled sleep or critical lack of attention on the road.

Eye tracking can easily be integrated with existing safety systems, such as lane departure warning, automatic brake assist and more. Thus, the ability to prevent collisions can be enhanced to an even greater degree.