Replay & visualize

Replay of eye tracking sessions

The Replay tool replays videos of individual recording sessions for in-depth qualitative analysis, and allows for logging and searching events. It is useful for sharing highlights with colleagues and clients. The ability to review a recording immediately after a test also helps verify that the data was recorded properly. 

  • Replay of individual recording sessions, with the gaze points of the test subject superimposed, also with optional user sound and user camera
  • While in the Replay mode, key strokes, mouse clicks and events that have been logged manually during the test can easily be searched for. New markers or text notes can also be inserted
  • Manual creation or auto-generation of segments and scenes.
  • Analyze only the parts of the recordings that is relevant for your study, for instance user-tasks.
  • Aggregate and analyze data from mulitple segments within or across several recordings.
  • Logged events and segments can be used to automatically extract video highlight clips  
  • Export of video clips, optionally with sound and user camera as picture-in-picture.  

Interpretable and convincing visualizations

The Visualizations tools enable you to create your own graphics, illustrating test subjects’ gaze behavior by displaying gaze data superimposed over the stimuli. The graphics help provide a quick insight into your data, making it more understandable. They are a tool for qualitative analysis and a powerful way to illustrate and communicate your findings to a broader group of colleagues, or to clients. 

  • Gaze plot tool displays gaze data from one or several recordings as individual gaze points, fixations, and scan paths. The order and length of fixations can also be visualized
  • Heat map tool displays gaze data from one or several recordings as a heat map or gaze opacity map. A heat map gives an aggregated view of the results and may be based on fixation counts or gaze time. It is an efficient tool for multi-person analysis
  • Cluster tool displays the areas with the highest concentration of gaze points as polygons. The clusters may easily be transformed into areas of interest (AOI) for statistical analysis
  • Bee swarm tool replays a video showing the gaze points of several subjects simultaneously over time. It allows for efficient comparison of several recordings of the same stimulus, and participant dropout can be interpreted
  • Static visualizations can easily be exported to files, or copy and pasted into your report as pictures
  • Animated gaze plots, heat maps and cluster visualizations. Replays fixations as a movie. They show where subjects look over time, and can be exported as video clips or viewed directly in the software.
  • Visualizations may be based on selected time intervals, or groups of subjects based on independent variables.  
Visualization tool     Visualization tool


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