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Knowledge Service Specialist

Tobii Technology was founded in 2001 and is today one of the world’s most successful and innovative young technology companies. We offer a wide range of product solutions based on eye tracking technology which measures where a person is looking on a monitor, mobile device or in a real world environment. Tobii is expanding quickly and our North American operations alone have grown 30% annually for the last 4 years. With cutting edge technology and ambitious growth plans, Tobii is a rewarding place to work for talented and driven people, who are excited about new technology and its applications.

Tobii Pro North America is currently looking for a driven individual to join our growing Knowledge Services organization. In the role of Knowledge Service Specialist, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Creation of instructional and educational materials on the technology, application, and methodology of eye tracking
  • Conduct of research (that may be in partnership with commercial or academic labs or investigators) to advance the state of knowledge regarding the expert use of eye tracking
  • Teaching training sessions and technical workshops for customers and Tobii Pro employees
  • Delivery of conference papers, posters, and/or symposia to increase awareness of Tobii Pro and eye tracking
  • Serve as internal resource, expert, and consultant on technical aspects of eye tracking and bring the voice of the customer to our work

As an ideal candidate you are highly organized and have a strong personal drive to help users of eye tracking learn to do their very best work. You are focused and a meticulous planner and documenter. As a researcher, investigator, and problem solver, you bring a high level of thoroughness and integrity to your work. As an educator, you are focused on helping learners develop constructive conceptions and productive mindsets in whatever you are teaching.

You appreciate working in a dynamic and fast growing company where you will have a high level of autonomy and influence along with commensurate responsibilities and high expectations. You will have a voice and be expected to share it with the organization.

Requirements for the position:

  • Master’s degree (minimum) in psychology, engineering, educational technology, or other science or technology field
  • Experience designing and delivering instructional materials such as webinars, courses, guides, curricula
  • Fluent presentation skills, ability and inclination to listen and teach with patience and the ability to establish rapport with users from graduate students to senior investigators
  • Experience working with eye tracking technology is a plus
  • Excellent writing and explanatory skills and ability to produce lucid, and informative written assets
  • Strong inquiry skills such as seeking the key question and designing analytical approaches and strategy
  • Team oriented and collaborative work habit with the capability to work independently and the initiative to identify, advocate, and execute on ideas
  • Willingness to travel up to three times per month throughout North America

Tobii Pro offers a high energy environment with fast growing teams of high drive and adaptable individuals, who thrive on challenges and responsibility. Working at Tobii Pro is living in the heart of innovation. We invent cutting edge technology and develop amazing products. Is Tobii Pro the place for you? Are you right for Tobii Pro? If so, please send your resume and cover letter to the listed.

Working at Tobii

At Tobii we love what we do - we work hard, play hard, and make every day exciting.

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