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Thesis Subjects: HCI

Tobii Tech focuses on integrating Tobii’s core eye tracking technology and user experience into laptops, games, VR, cars, and many more products. If you want to be part of pioneers that take gaze control to new, exciting mass markets, we may have just the job for you!

Hello Student,

Below you find Tobii student projects, suitable for master thesis (if bachelor is not specified).

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Your application has to contain your CV, personal letter and transcript, otherwise it will not be considered. If possible, please also submit a link to your previous work (published papers, link to projects or coding etc). Do not forget to specify what project you are interested in!

If you don't find a project that suits your education, you can apply through our open application ad.

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1. HCI / Front End C#-Whiz

Are you an HCI student and you just love to code? Are user interfaces something you already worked on, and you would like to do more?

Help shape the future of HCI … and we mean it:

  • Work with and be coached by some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of eye tracking and gaze interaction
  • Investigate concepts no one investigated before, create cool prototypes or publish your results
  • See your ideas become actual products


  • Excellent HCI knowledge (demonstrated by grades or show-cases)
  • Very good coding abilities in C# / WPF or Unity
  • Mathematical / statistical experience
  • Initial eye tracking experience

Prior publication experience and familiarity with rapid prototyping advantageous.

Please address your questions to Ralf Biedert (, and submit your resume through our website as soon as possible. Attached to it should be a brief cover letter (0.5 - 1p) of how the task you are applying for would benefit your academic résumé, recent grade transcripts, and a proof of prior experience (e.g., links to projects / code of yours, published papers, …).

Working at Tobii

At Tobii we love what we do - we work hard, play hard, and make every day exciting.

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