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Thesis Subjects: Other

Hello Student,

Below you find Tobii student projects, suitable for a master thesis (if bachelor is not specified).

Do you find a project you are interested in? Please click the apply-button! Your application has to contain your CV, personal letter and transcript, otherwise it will not be considered. If possible, please also submit a link to your previous work (published papers, link to projects or coding etc). Do not forget to specify what project you are interested in! If you don't find a project that suits your education, you can apply through our open application ad.

Happy reading!

QA Tester (internship or bachelor thesis)

Hello there bug catcher!

We are currently looking for someone studying testing, test automation or QA to work with us on a thesis project or as an intern at Tobii Dynavox. Here you will get to work with first class eye-tracking technology, making sure that our hardware and software runs tip-top.

The project could involve:

  • Maintenance testing of our software (verify fixed bugs, regression testing)

  • Testing our latest new hardware

  • System verification of our software on the new hardware

You must be fluent in English as well as Swedish in both speaking and writing. Programming experience is a merit but not necessary.

Tobii Dynavox is developing both software and hardware to increase our consumer’s ability to communicate with their surroundings and to facilitate the use of computers and tablets. To learn more about Tobii, have a quick look at Tobii in 3 minutes.

Working at Tobii

At Tobii we love what we do - we work hard, play hard, and make every day exciting.

Learn more about what we do by viewing this short video Tobii in 3 minutes.