Financial Overview

Tobii is the world leader in eye tracking, holds more than 50% of the global eye-tracking market and has many times higher sales than its closest competitor.

The Tobii Group has three business units that have their own distinct markets, products and organizations. Tobii Dynavox is the established market leader in assistive technology for communication and Tobii Pro holds the leading position in eye tracking for research and consumer surveys. Tobii invests in the third business unit, Tobii Tech, to reach future high-volume markets for eye tracking in primarily consumer products such as computers, gaming products, VR and mobile devices.

Since the business units operate on markets with different conditions and maturity, Tobii presents financial performance per business unit.

Financial goals

Tobii Dynavox

Tobii Dynavox's long term goal is to deliver revenue growth in excess of 10% per year, with an EBIT margin of 20%.

Tobii Pro

Tobii Pro's long term goal is to deliver revenue growth in excess of 15% per year, with an an EBIT margin in excess of 15%. In the mid-term (next 2-3 years), Tobii Pro's target is to deliver revenue growth of 10% with an EBIT margin of 10%.

Tobii Tech

Tobii Tech's long-term financial goal is to become cash flow positive by 2018.

The Group

The combined finacial targets for the three business units indicate positive earnings before tax for the Group as of 2017. The Board estimates that the Group is fully financed to carry out the proposed business plan which extends to the end of 2018, at which time the Group in its entirety is expected to be cash flow positive with support from the capital acquired from the listing of its shares on the stock exchange.

Financial performance

Financial development

Tobii has shown organic growth each year since its inception in 2001. In addition, a few strategic acquisitions have further contributed to the Group’s development, the latest being the acquisition of DynaVox Systems LLC in May 2014.

Tobii’s net sales reached SEK 967 million in 2015. The business units Tobii Dynavox and Tobii Pro are profitable with adjusted EBIT margins of 16% and 10% respectively in 2015. The investments in Tobii Tech had a negative impact of SEK -176 million on the Group’s EBIT in 2015.

Net sales 2006-2015

Net sales graph 2006-2015

Net sales per business unit

SEK million 2015 2014 2013
Tobii Dynavox 740 442 234
Tobii Pro 209 167 171
Tobii Tech 59 37 21
The Group 967 621 413

EBIT per business unit

SEK million 2015 2014 2013
Tobii Dynavox 119 42 21
Tobii Pro 21 13 19
Tobii Tech -179 -122 -85
The Group -36 -69 -37


Risk and Risk Management

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Forward-looking information

Financial targets represent forward-looking information. Forward-looking information means that no guarantee can be given regarding future earnings or development and the actual results may differ from those expressed in forward-looking information.