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Explore humanized and immersive interactions with the Tobii EyeX Controller.
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Eye Tracking software for amazing devices

Tobii EyeX Software enables new functions that revolutionize our daily computer interaction. It enhances the experience for any laptop with a touchpad enabling users to point with their eyes naturally and intuitively.

Users can then avoid cumbersome and unnecessary movement of having to reach for their mouse or drag a finger several times on a touchpad to move the mouse cursor to where he or she is already looking. This caters for a much more natural and intuitive interaction with the device. People can now "touch where you look".

We’re on the way to making eye tracking a standard in human-computer interaction. These capabilities are just around the corner, and we're just started - there’re loads more on the way. So keep an eye out.

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 Humanized Technology

  • Dim Screen: The eye tracker knows if you are looking at the screen or not. When you look away, the device automatically dims the screen - saving power and giving privacy.
  • Stay awake: Imagine leaving your laptop idle while being in a meeting. Today's devices can't anticipate when you would like to perform an action. With Tobii eye tracking, devices can understand that you are in front of the computer and will stay awake until you step away from it.

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