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Bohemia Interactive

Approaching the top of the hill, you duck down in the tall grass and start to crawl toward the crest. If your scouts are right, there should be an enemy camp on the other side. As you reach the top, you confirm that this is the case. A few hundred meters away, there are several tents and vehicles.

But something bothers you. If there’s a camp, shouldn’t there be guards posted on this hill? Suddenly you notice that yes, there are. About 50 meters away, a guard sits with his back toward you – for the moment. If you could just get a hold of your gun, you would be able to take him out. You start to reach for the gun on your side – slowly, slowly . . .

Award-winning Arma 2 presents the player with an astonishingly realistic environment. The detailed, vivid imagery, the unscripted game with its multiple choices, and the convincing response from the game itself are pure delight.

Gamespot magazine writes in its review of the game, “While Bohemia Interactive’s games have always been detailed and ambitious, its latest has surpassed its predecessors by adding meaningful interaction with non-player characters (other than shooting them), increasing the number of moral and strategic choices you will face throughout the campaign, and achieving unprecedented levels of detail, openness, beauty and believability in the setting.”

If Arma 2 is a strong game in itself, adding Infinite Screen Extension means adding yet another layer of gratification to the gaming experience. Infinite Screen allows you to experience the game without boundaries, as the game camera pursues your gaze at all times. This method of effortlessly adjusting your view lets you plunge even deeper into the gaming experience. So, set it up and bring it on!

What eye tracking adds to Arma 2

Infinite Screen. The center of the screen always follows the movement of your eyes, allowing you to switch the view without having to manually adjust it. This makes the screen feel infinite.

In Arma 2, looking freely around the screen and exploring the vastness of the game world lets you plunge even deeper into the gaming experience.

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