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Bit Planet Games, LLC

For so many years, we humans believed that our sun would last for yet another five billion years. Then we realized that it wouldn’t. Finally, the wars that had plagued humanity for decades ended, as all of us together took to deep dark space in the hunt for a replacement for our own solar system.  It would take many generations before we finally found what we were looking for: a green and blue planet, ready to fill with life. But then the wars started again ...  

Battle of Sol is an intense, action-laden space simulation game, set in the outer rim of the Milky Way, where the remains of humanity continue its fruitless fight for dominance. You play two different parallel roles: the one of Lieutenant Williams, a United Colonies of Sol (UCS) fighter pilot, and Brother Aelius of the opposing, religiously motivated faction, "The Children of Dawn". It’s through their eyes, and from their cockpits, that you get to see and experience a whole series of combat missions, from quick dogfights to heavy bombing objectives. 
Liam Lambert of gaming magazine Gizorama writes, “It’s an interesting dynamic, playing out the same battles from two different perspectives. It never gets tired or feels repetitive either, because each separate mission tasks you with wholly different objectives to its mirror version.” (Full review here

Battle of Sol is one of those games that you just want to plunge deep into for hours at a time. This is achieved more easily if you choose to take advantage of the eye tracking controls in the game. 
For example, your instruments and displays fade to transparency when you do not look at them. When you look close to the edge of your screen, the game view adjusts to center on your focus point, giving you a feeling of a much larger – even infinite – screen.
And aiming with your eyes will both feel natural and let you do other stuff with your hands than aiming. 

All of these features will come in handy as you throttle through the scattered pieces of what was recently a five-kilometer space frigate, in the hunt for yet another enemy fighter ship ... 

What eye tracking adds to Battle of Sol 

Clean UI. Displays and controls in the cockpit are only visible when you focus on where they are situated. The rest of the time, they fade out, leaving you with a more realistic and wider view through your cockpit window.   

Aim at gaze. The name of this feature says what it does: you can aim at your target just by looking at it. This is a very intuitive way of interaction and will save you some microseconds every time you aim, especially if you play using hand controls. 

Infinite Screen. Use your eyes to manipulate and control the in-game camera, providing an “Infinite Screen” experience. For example, as you look to the left of the screen, the scene camera will auto-pan to the left intuitively and in harmony with you.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into the game so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:


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