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It is said that “love conquers all,” and that’s why, in this game, a lovestruck little mole sets out on a journey to reunite with his burrowing beauty. In reality, however, love sometimes needs a little bit of help to succeed.

In this charming and totally disarming little game, your job is to make sure that this mole – let’s call him Manfred – travels safely all the way to love’s end. You are welcome help. Manfred, being a mole, is almost blind – and that’s not counting him also being struck by the blinding fever called love. And along Manfred’s journey, there are plenty of dangers threatening to prevent him from reaching his goal.

Blind Love was created for eye tracking controls and is optimized for playing with your gaze. You use it to cross land and sea, to squeeze through tight underground spaces, and to dodge nasty lightning and hungry beasts. And since you will need to move your eyes more than once, in odd ways, Blind Love makes sure that you get your weekly dose of “eye-xercise.” 

What eye-tracking adds to Blind Love

Hands-free: Blind Love is played entirely hands free. This gives you the opportunity to interact with the game in a new yet very natural way.

What you need to play

If you have the Tobii EyeX Controller and the EyeX software installed, you just need to buy the game to get started. Otherwise, please use the link below to buy your own Tobii EyeX Controller. 

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