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Bohemia Interactive

In this postapocalyptic, zombie MMO, your only goal is survival. With no help from any built-in tutorials, tips or way points, you must choose your own path through the game's vast, open-world wasteland and use whatever you can find to stave off the flesh-craving undeads, other survivors and hunger. But beware: a single mistake can be lethal. There are no save games and no extra lives. Make the wrong decision, and you could be brutally sent back to start from scratch again, no pardon granted.

Even though it is still an early access game, Day Z has already become an award-winning hit. The game is frightening enough on its own, but playing it with the Tobii Infinite Screen Extension is not for the fainthearted. With the screen following your eye movements, you will feel more involved than ever in what happens around you, creating a stronger sense of actually being in the game.

Helplessness will get the better of you while watching through a chink of decrepit shelter wall as other, more heavily armed survivors plunder your last supplies. Fear will bring you to your knees as you enter a pitch-black tunnel in hope that the old farm on the other side still contains something edible. Immersed in the darkness, you will hope it is hiding nothing else.

What Tobii Infinite Screen Extension adds to DayZ

Infinite Screen Extension. When added to the game, the center of the screen always follows the movement of your eyes, creating a feeling of an infinite screen.
In DayZ, this gives you a richer gaming experience. You won't miss a single can of beans in your search for food. A better awareness of your surroundings also makes ambush more difficult for whoever might be sneaking up on you.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into the game so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:

Buy Tobii EyeX Controller to start playing

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