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You are an explorer, in search of new discoveries in the outer rim of the Milky Way. Despite light-years of traveling, the only thing you have come across so far is deep, vast darkness. The expectations that preceded your voyage have turned into a moderate interest in nothing at all. But then you see it. And what you discover is worth every light-year traveled . . . and then some.

Now you are a hunter, pursuing a record-high bounty in a life-threatening high-speed chase through an asteroid field. Suddenly, your monitor picks up another vessel closing in behind you. And then another one. The moment you realize you are chasing a decoy, lasers start blazing around you.

When playing the space flight simulation Elite: Dangerous, you will experience some of the best stories about spaceships you have ever taken part in. This MMO lets you fly, fight, smuggle, trade and do pretty much whatever you want in a 1:1 scale Milky Way playground made up of 400 billion star systems – real stars, planets, black holes and asteroid fields built to full astronomical proportions – making this the largest designed game space in gaming history.

With the introduction of the Tobii Infinite Screen Extension, space will appear truly never-ending.
The center of the screen smoothly adjusts to wherever you look, so you will not miss a spark of the supernova during your expedition – or be able to glance over your shoulder while chasing down that bounty.

What eye tracking adds to Elite: Dangerous

Infinite Screen. The center of the screen always follows the movement of your eyes, allowing you to switch view without having to manually adjust it. In Elite: Dangerous, looking freely around the screen and exploring the vast entity of the Milky Way will immerse you even deeper into space. But be careful not to linger on the beauty of any star; if you come too close, gravity will drag you in.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into the game so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:


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