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Eye tracked Paintings

Your gaze brings paintings to life

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For the first time, painted watercolors meet eye tracking to create pieces of art that are like no other.

When you experience Eye Tracked Paintings, you may get the feeling that there’s someone in your peripheral view looking at you – but when you turn your eyes to look, there’s no one there.

The effect is achieved by using eye tracking to trigger events in the painting depending on where you look. For example, there can be faces looking at you from outside your focused view, but these become hidden when you try to look at them.

This is only one of many examples of what can happen when eye tracking meets art. In the Eye Tracked Paintings project, every painting in a series has its own effects, all triggered by eye movements, creating new experiences for the viewer.

What eye-tracking adds to Eyetracked Paintings

Response to eye contact: The paintings are aware of you and your gaze will trigger different events, which make for a richer experience.

What you need to play

If you have the Tobii EyeX Controller and the EyeX software installed, you just need to buy the game to get started. Otherwise, use the link below to buy your own Tobii EyeX Controller. 

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