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Storm Potion

Steer one of your ships with your left hand. Navigate the other with your right. Aim your cannons with your ... ahem ...

Cue eye tracking.

Eyeron Defender won the title for best eye tracking integration at the Dreamhackathon Game Jam, and for good reason. The game captures your full attention as you try to navigate your ships away from enemies and asteroids in order to reach the final challenges in this new take on the classic genre.

This is a new kind of experience that will challenge your hand-eye coordination in ways you’ve never experienced before. Its speed makes it a perfect competitive game: friends can take turns playing and challenging each other in a race toward the high score.

To survive, you also need to avoid enemies who can cross a tether of energy that joins your two ships, while absorbing enemy bullets in order to gain power. React to the situation and position your ships offensively or defensively. Explore the different weapons and abilities in order to find the combinations best suited for each of the different challenging levels and level bosses.

Are you ready to fly?

What eye-tracking adds to Eyron Defender

Natural Targeting. In Eyeron Defender, the Natural Targeting feature lets you shoot where you look on the screen. This intuitive way of aiming gives the player full control of the ships’ powers and freedom to maneuver them in order to escape the many obstacles of the different levels.

What you need to play

If you have the Tobii EyeX Controller and the EyeX software installed, you just need to buy the game to get started. Otherwise, please use the link below to buy your own Tobii EyeX Controller. 

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