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Glimpse of Fear

A thrilling journey through the dark

Category: Adventure

Tags: Indie, Eye Control, Casual, Immersion, Free

Beyond Infinity

As you wake up in the damp, dusky cave, you immediately understand that the pain in your body and your blackout are due to the big hole in the cave's roof way above you; more puzzling are the arms sticking out from under the rubble right beside you.
To find out what has happened and search for a way out, you start to slowly move around in the cave. While doing so, you unknowingly disturb the beings that inhabit the cave.

Glimpse of Fear is an exciting and sometimes chilling experience. In the game, your job is to escape the cave; but for the player, the game experience is in itself as valuable as the game's plot. Thanks to the game's eye tracking features, interaction with the game is very easy and natural.

The Infinite screen feature enables the game camera to follow your gaze, always centering on your focal point. This imitates your natural view and differs from normal gaming, in which focus requires the help of the mouse. Other eye tracking features are natural targeting and eye-triggered events.

The aim of Glimpse of Fear is to really take advantage of all its eye-tracking features. Spirits in the cave disappear when you look at them. An evil spirit hunts for your eyes – shut them quickly if you hear his breath! In other parts of the cave, you will need both eyes and ears to navigate your hazardous path toward salvation. Or is death unavoidable?

Eye Tracking benefits in Glimpse of Fear

Response to eye contact. When you look at certain things, your gaze triggers actions. This means that events can happen at exactly the right moment, giving the game creator new opportunities to surprise, excite or scare the player. In Glimpse of Fear, spirits fade away when you look at them and statues stare right back at you when you look at them.

Infinite screen. Experience the cave as if you were really there. The game camera will automatically follow your gaze without mouse interaction.

Immersive sound. Audio and visual work together. In Glimpse of Fear, sound will give you vital feedback when you look in certain directions – for example, when you look away from the safe path in a certain section of the game, a scary sound will tell you that this is the wrong way to choose.

Natural targeting. Natural targeting lets you interact with the game anywhere on the screen by pointing with your gaze. In Glimpse of Fear, you throw glow sticks, which always end up where you are looking.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into the game so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:

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