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Grab Your Eyes

Quick, fun, and for your eyes only

Category: Casual

Tags: Single player, Party, Competitive, Free

Titouan Millet & Co

No joystick, no keys; simply use your eyes.
In its structure, Grab Your Eyes is reminiscent of WarioWare. Similarly, it is not one game but a collection of mini-games that you can play in a row. Each game has its own object, like to avoid looking at something or to keep your eyes on something. As the game designer Titouan Millet explains, “We just tried to use the EyeX in as many ways as possible. It’s a very accurate technology and interesting to work with as a game designer.”

Grab Your Eyes is all about exploring new ways of interaction, which makes it a bit of an odd bird. Also, the game design in itself stands out from the crowd. Everyone familiar with Monty Python and Terry Gilliam’s paper doll-ish graphics will feel at home in the graphic world of Grab Your Eyes. It is different, it is interesting, and it is fun.

For Titouan Millet, eye tracking grabbed ahold of him both as a game designer and a gamer. “It’s very original and fun. And it’s affordable, just a little thing that you attach to your screen,” he says. “As a gamer, I think it’s more efficient to use it. But you need to learn how to use it; it is very new.” 

What eye tracking adds to Grab Your Eyes

Hands free. Grab Your Eyes is played solely with your eyes. This gives you the opportunity to interact with the game in a new yet very natural way.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into the game so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:


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