Game Iron Front: Liberation Infinite Screen extension

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Tobii extension

Eye Tracking Available with Infinite Screen Extension

Category: Simulation

Tags: Infinite Screen, Shoot em' up, War

Deep Silver

Experience the final chapter of World War II from every angle. See it from a tactical point of view as a Red Army commander encountering the Germans in the Polish countryside, or as a German soldier commanding a German Tiger 1 Panzer as you hold your position against a never-ending stream of trigger-happy comrades.

In this tactical war simulation run by the Arma 2 engine, you have an extensive open-world map, a huge arsenal of authentic weapons, and over 35 vehicles and airplanes at your disposal. Play as a soldier in FPS mode, or use your strategic wits to command your troops in third-person mode.

However you choose to play, the Tobii Infinite Screen Extension will immerse you in a completely new gaming experience by widening your view and relieving you of the “tunnel view” effect. Peek over the edge of trenches, prowl through ruins and glance around corners to scan for enemy soldiers as you advance toward your military objective, all by doing the same in front of your screen.

What Tobii Infinite Screen Extension adds to Iron Front: Liberation 1944

Infinite Screen. The center of the screen always follows your eye movements. Because manual movement controls are eliminated and your field of vision is widened, your in-game experience is enhanced, and you enter a radically new world of WW2 gaming. 

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