Screenshot from Knee Deep game, now available with eye tracker control

Category: Adventure

Tags: Single player, Indie, Puzzle, Mystery

Prologue Games

When a washed-up actor hangs himself on location in Cypress Knee, a small, backwater, Florida town, shifty characters crawl out of the woodwork to benefit from the spotlight cast on the actor’s dramatic exit. You play three of them: a tabloid blogger, a down-and-out reporter and a cynical private investigator. As you follow the mystery behind the death, you soon find out that nothing is what it seems and that there is more than one secret hidden in this town.

Knee Deep is a dreamlike noir theater game, set on stage. You experience the game as an ongoing play with vivid dialog, imaginative backdrops and an engaging melodrama. Eye tracking features such as Eye contact enhance the feeling of being onstage while interacting with your fellow actors.

“In addition to the ‘wow’ factor, these features help players feel that they are standing in the immediate vicinity of the actors on stage,” says Colin Dwan, owner of Prologue Games.

What eye tracking adds to Knee Deep

Gaze selector. Interactive objects in the main menu light up and glow as you look at them.

Eye contact. When you look at an actor on the stage, the character receives an extra lighting effect and will turn to make eye contact with you when not engaged in an active animation.

Minigame integration. The “Opto test” is a minigame that poses a series of psychological questions. While you take the test, an uncanny eyeball tracks your gaze around the screen something that increases the feeling that someone is watching and judging while you take the test. 

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into Knee Deep so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:

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