Master of Orion

An Eye on Interstellar Conquest

The leading space strategy game is back, and this time with a technological advancement. Master of Orion combines conquest, diplomacy and strategy to make players ‘Conquer the Stars’ and rule the galaxy.

Now with Tobii Eye Tracking features like Zoom at Gaze and Extended View, Master of Orion’s universe becomes easier and more natural to explore – allowing gamers to quickly select areas of interest as they work to rapidly expand their empire.

Buy your Tobii EyeX eye tracker now and start playing!

What Eye tracking adds to Master of Orion

  • Zoom at Gaze – Look at the galaxy or planet of your choosing, and scroll the mouse wheel - or push right trigger on gamepad. Rather than focusing on where the cursor is currently located, it will zoom in on the element you are looking at.
  • Bungee Zoom at Gaze – Hold a button to zoom out, release to zoom in where you look. This is a very fast and more intuitive way to navigate the map.
  • Center at Gaze – Whenever you want to position a specific galaxy in the center of the screen, just look at the desired planet cluster and click. The camera will pan, and that Pleides galaxy that caught your eye will be in the spotlight.
  • Extended View – Look at the sides of the screen and the view will pan slightly. It provides a greater feeling of “presence” in the game and also extends the bounds of your monitor a bit.
  • Gamepad Cursor Warp – It usually takes ages to drag the cursor from one side of the screen to another. That is, if you control it with gamepad.
    With eye tracking, move your left stick towards where you look, and the cursor will teleport you there in a timely manner. You can also just click your left stick to perform this action.
  • Touchpad Cursor Warp – When using a touchpad, simply place your finger on the touchpad, and the cursor will teleport where you look.
    This makes game navigation more intuitive and not reliant on dragging the mouse across the screen.