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Eye Tracking available with Infinite Screen Extension

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No matter whether it's full throttle and tricks or precision landing a giant cargo carrier on a short strip in the middle of nowhere that makes your heart beat faster – Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition has something for everyone. All you need to do is to choose which of the 24,000 airports available you want to start from, set the time of day, select which season it is and today's weather, and you are ready for takeoff – just as millions of plane fans have done before you.

Or as Tim Stone puts it in Rock Paper Shotgun:
"More hobby than game, Flight Simulator can be enjoyed in countless different ways. It welcomes nostalgics, explorers, aspirants and obsessives. It caters for the sociable, the solitary, the stressed and the war weary. It soothes, it trains, it entertains and employs. One moment it's effortlessly satisfying our wanderlust and reminding us that borders only exist on maps and in our minds, the next it's binding us closer to the places we call home. To pigeon-hole MSFS is to malign it. ...

A toybox this capacious, an experience engine this potent and flexible, has more than enough power to sow the seeds of air enthusiasm on its own. Flight Simulator will change you, you can be sure of that." 

With the Tobii Infinite Screen Extension, Flight Simulator becomes even more captivating. With Infinite Screen, adjusting the view with the mouse is no longer necessary and you are able to interact with the game more freely and in a more natural way. Look around the cockpit as if you are really there, or lean back and just enjoy the spectacular view of the world from above.

What eye tracking adds to Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition

Infinite Screen. As the computer tracks your eye movements, it automatically adjusts the view on the screen so that it centers on your focus point. Since this imitates real life, the feeling is very natural. The Infinite Screen feature also leaves the mouse free to do other things.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Infinite Screen enhances the experience of "really being there" and leads to an even stronger absorption in the game.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into the game so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:

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