Nevermind – even scarier with eye tracking

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Flying Mollusk

You are a neuroprober, a physician with the ability to venture into other people’s minds. In this case, it happens to be the minds of psychologically traumatized patients who turn to you after all other treatment fails. Now, to unlock their traumas and cure them of their fear, you will be submerged in their surreal and abstract mindscapes, solving puzzles and revealing secrets hidden deep in their scattered psyches. The trick is to not let their fear overcome you too.

Nevermind is a thrilling psychological adventure where you play against your own emotions. The biofeedback algorithm in the game monitors how scared or stressed you are while experiencing your patients’ states of mind. If fear gets ahold of you, the game’s difficulty level will rise. Stay calm, and the game will be more forgiving.

Although Nevermind is a unique gaming experience by itself, playing the game with eye tracking adds a new layer of immersion and narrative depth. The Moment of Calm feature provides players with an intuitive way to return to a safe place during even the most intense gaming moments – just close your eyes and the game switches on soothing music to calm your nerves.

Playing Nevermind with eye tracking also includes unique “Tobii moments” throughout the game, which allow you to experience surprises and insights unavailable to players without eye tracking capabilities.

“It’s quite an incredible experience. To be completely honest, I was originally a little skeptical about how natural the eye tracking would feel in a game like Nevermind. However, after the very first time we got it hooked up and tested it, I was a believer. It’s something that you just have to experience,” says Erin Reynolds, creative director and CEO at Flying Mollusk.

What eye tracking adds to Nevermind 

Moment of Calm. Allows you to take a break at any time during gameplay by closing your eyes. The game will pause and soothing music will play to assist you in regaining your sense of calm. 

Extended view. While exploring the world of Nevermind, you will get a better glimpse of your surroundings simply by looking toward the edge of the screen. Gaze toward the edge and the camera will automatically move a few degrees in that direction. 

Affect Environment. There are several implementations of the Affect Environment feature in Nevermind. For example, while you are lost in the deep dark forest, the light of an unseen lantern will be cast wherever you gaze; on another level, sleeping dolls will wake up and stare at you if you look at their heads. On other levels, there are several more ways in which Affect Environment is used to enrich your experience of Nevermind. 

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into Nevermind so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:

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