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Category: Adventure

Tags: Casual, Indie, Single player

Broken Window Studios

Pack your things, clean up your room, and kiss Mom and Dad good-bye. It’s time to leave home and start your life as an adult. In this exploration-driven indie adventure, what you make of yourself is entirely up to you. Literally.
As you explore the game’s beautiful and fully interactive environment, your every choice and action sets the course of the game. Everything, from how you handle your mail to how you interact with other characters, impacts the narrative and affects what turns it takes, what worlds you end up exploring, what kind of work you get, and which relationships you keep and which you don’t.

Reflections is about experiencing the consequences of your actions. Add Tobii eye tracking, and that experience becomes more personal and intimate. Features such as Natural Targeting and gaze-based throwing allow for a natural look-and-click interaction with objects. With the eye contact feature, characters interact differently depending on how interested you appear to be. Look away while a character is talking to you, and you might be perceived as uninterested or just rude. The character reacts accordingly.

“Eye tracking allows us to substantially expand the level of interaction between the player and characters within the world, as we can employ unique outcomes, such as eye-contact-based conversations, which just wouldn’t have the same feel without that system,” says Tristan Moore, creative director at Broken Window Studios.

What eye tracking adds to Reflections

Extended view. The game camera follows your gaze and automatically adjust to where you look on the screen up to a certain point. When you want to view straight forward again, you just look in the middle of the screen and the view snaps back again.
Extended view means that you’ll barely have to use the mouse or analog stick to look up or down.

Dynamic depth of field. Most games will base a visual feature like depth of field on camera center. But because we frequently move our eyes around the screen, the wrong things are often in focus. Because eye tracking sees where you look, so to speak, it completely eliminates that problem while maintaining the aesthetic impact of depth of field.

Select at gaze. Selecting and interacting with an object becomes as simple as looking and initiating response with the simple press of a button.

Throw at gaze. Much like Select at gaze, gaze-based throwing provides a shortcut in the decision-making process. Eye movement actually makes decisions in the game, producing quicker results.

Eye contact. Interactions with characters are influenced by their perception of your interest. If you look away from a character who is speaking to you, the character becomes uncomfortable and changes course in the conversation. This gives a level of personal interaction between characters in the game world that is far beyond what most games offer.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into Reflections, so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:

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