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Might and Delight

What eye tracking adds to Shelter 2

Extended View (IS). With the Extended View feature, the game camera moves with your eyes. When you look near the edge of your screen, the camera turns in that direction, creating the feeling of a wider screen. In Shelter 2, you won’t need to adjust the field of view with anything but your gaze.

Response to Eye Contact (GA). Since the eye tracker knows where you look on the screen, creatures can start responding when you look at them. In the case of Shelter 2, this is used in the “Cub Communication” feature; look at one of your cubs and meow, and the cub will respond and signal how it’s feeling.  

Target at Gaze (NT). This eye tracking implementation lets you direct actions toward a certain point just by looking there. In Shelter 2, publisher Might & Delight uses this feature for “Hunting Vision” – lay your eyes on your potential prey, and an aura lights up around it. (You can see the effect in use in the top image of this page.)

Autoturn (IS). In some games, it’s neat if your whole body turns towards where you look, making it more or less superfluous to use keyboard, mouse or hand controller to steer your character. Shelter 2 is one of those games. Thanks to Autoturn, you can concentrate more on what happens in the game, and less on turning and steering your lynx to where you want to go.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into the game so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:

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