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Teotl Studios

Suddenly, loneliness grasps hold of your chest and gives you a squeeze. Here you are, on an unfamiliar planet a decade’s space journey away from the rest of humanity, and around you are the remains of your ship and your comrades, all of whom are dead.
As the grip loosens and you start breathing again, you have another look around you. Water and rocks are familiar; plants are not. Are those white things on that big plant ... teeth? And that cliff over there is really very square, almost as if it has been consciously cut into that form. Then you realize that it really was cut, and that all around you lie the traces of some sort of intelligent being – maybe still here, maybe not ...

The Solus Project is an epic, single-player, puzzle and survival game, set in the solitude of outer space. You are sent out to find a new home for the remains of humanity, who are stranded far away on a colony of ships near Pluto. Unfortunately, the landing on Gliese 6143-C doesn’t go well, and you are the only survivor among the crew.But that lies behind you. In front of you there’s a whole planet to explore and a new environment to survive in – which may not be the simplest thing to do ...

The game has a strong storyline – it was created as a single-player game, and its story and game world have been developed with this in mind. The same attention has been directed to all aspects of the game, including its controls.

The Solus Project has native support for eye tracking control, which promises another level of immersion during play. For example, plants react to your presence. When the game is played without eye tracking, they react when you come close enough. But when you play with eye tracking, looking at the plants is enough to set them off. Simply put, your gaze affects the environment, and the result is the sense of an environment that lives and breathes – that knows that you are there.

You also use your gaze when you do things with your hands, like putting together several pieces of something. In this case, the Gaze Selection eye tracking feature lets you choose which object to pick up just by looking at it.

A completely different feature, which strengthens the feeling of reality, is Dynamic Depth of Field. When you look at things near you, the background becomes diffuse; when you look far away, things close to you get fuzzy. This is just a small part of a family of techniques called “foveated rendering” and a technique that really comes to life when combined with eye tracking.

The Solus Project promises a great experience for lone wolves and front-runners of all kinds. Will you be one of them?

What eye tracking adds to The Solus Project

Gaze Selection. Gaze Selection lets you touch or pick up things simply by looking at them and pressing the right button. There is no need to move your mouse or cursor.

Sixth Sense. As in many games, there are some key puzzle pieces in The Solus Project. The Sixth Sense feature reduces the risk of the player missing a piece and getting stuck in the game. When the player’s gaze sweeps over a spot where the key piece is hidden, a vague Fresnel shading appears.

Dynamic Depth of Field. The Dynamic Depth of Field feature, which is an element of foveated rendering, means that not everything in your field of vision is sharp. Just as in real life, if you look at a thing that is close to you, an object further away gets blurry; if you look at an object further away, things close to you get blurry. However, this feature is very new and still a bit experimental.

Affect Environment. In The Solus Project, the environment reacts to your presence. For example, some plants close themselves up when you look at them. This increases the feeling of actually being there.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into the game so you just need to start it to get going, when you have:

Developer presentation – spoiler alert!

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