Image of spectrophobia game

Category: Adventure

Tags: Indie, Demo, First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Horror, Immersion, Free

Kamfjord Productions

It is dark, and there are dungeons. Somewhere in here is a girl, trapped, with only the sound of dripping water in her ears and only the damp, moldy air to breathe – at least for a while longer.

You must help her! You must delve into this hostile environment and try to find her before it’s too late. But don’t look too closely while on your quest. To some of the inhabitants in the dungeons, your gaze is unwelcome, and they will do what they can to extinguish it for good.

So travel through the winding tunnels – quickly, quickly! – Hastily looking around but without staring. If you try hard enough, there is a chance that a young girl will once again see the light of day and feel her lungs fill with fresh air. Hurry, hurry … 

What eye-tracking adds to Spectrophobia

Response to Eye Contact. Spectrophobia uses the eye tracking feature to make your gaming experience horrific in several ways. Having to constantly be careful of where you look creates a sense of fear. Some monsters attack when looked at directly or even just too closely, while others are pacified when you look them in the eye, which actually keeps them from attacking. The difficulty lies in remembering which monsters to look at and which ones to avoid. Also, torches flare as you run by, creating the sense of a hostile environment, and spiders run away as soon as you look at their web – scary effects triggered at just the right time to achieve their goal. 

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