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Take On Helicopters Tobii extension

Eye Tracking available with Infinite Screen Extension

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Bohemia Interactive

Times are hard for Larkin Aviation. The sudden passing of founder Harry Larkin has left the business he spent years building on the brink of closure. It is now up to you to help Harry's sons, Tom and Joe, protect their father's life achievement. But first you need to learn the business. And that business is helicopters.

Take your first steps toward becoming a full-fledged helicopter pilot, carrying on Mr. Larkin's legacy, by flying across beautifully rendered, real-world North American and South Asian terrain data.

Flying is the essence of this simulation, which uses detailed helicopter models and authentic flight dynamics. The addition of a hint of adventure and a touch of business has led critics to name it the most refreshing flying game in years.

Take On Helicopters offers fun and amusing game play with some truly stunning views. With the Tobii Infinite Screen Extension, you plunge even deeper into the landscapes and the sensation of hovering over Seattle skyscrapers and the jungles of South Asia.

What eye tracking adds to Take On Helicopters

Infinite Screen. The eye tracking technology in this extension adds another dimension to the concept of open-world game play. With the screen following the movement of your eyes, you can seamlessly wander over the beautiful open landscapes without manually adjusting your view. It also makes it easier to overview the cockpit control displays – to focus on the correct display, all you have to do is look at it.

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