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With Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft welcomes you to a whole new gaming experience. Add Tobii’s eye tracking technology, and your gaming experience is about to get even stronger. This groundbreaking game technology brings several new features to the game – check out the video below to learn more.

What eye tracking adds to Tom Clancy’s The Division™

Aim at gaze. When looking at a target and pressing the aim command, the player’s scene camera will automatically center on the target, with fine adjustments made with the thumb stick or mouse.

Grenade at gaze. Just as players aim their primary weapon with Aim at gaze, they too can aim their trusty explosive in the same manner – look, center and engage.

Cover at gaze. “Look for cover” has a whole new meaning. Players caught in one of The Division’s wildly exciting firefights can move between cover objects simply by exploring the scene with their eyes. When looking for new sanctuary, available cover objects are highlighted when the player’s gaze runs across them, allowing players to run for cover with a simple command.

Enemy tagging. The feature makes exploration more realistic as players scan their environment for threats, tying their vision and their character’s together. As mentioned above, players need only look at an enemy to tag and track them.

Collaborative targeting. Once an enemy is tagged with Enemy tagging, the real assault begins. Use collaborative targeting to simplify communication amongst your team and highlight a common enemy to engage together.

EyeX marks the spot. Items and locations on the mega map can easily be highlighted and selected when the player looks at them, enhancing the map’s ease of use.

Clean UI. Players get more screen real estate and a completely unobstructed view of the action, making gamers feel as if they are physically there. Here, UI elements like mini-map, ammunition and health are hidden until a player looks at a specific part of the screen. With less distractions on screen players are able to better focus on completing their primary objective.

What you need to play

Eye tracking features are built into The Division PC so you just need to start the game to get going, when you have:

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