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XSplit Broadcaster is one of the most popular streaming software programs among streamers today. The software’s intuitive game interface makes it easy to stream your gameplay on your favorite social platform or record and share walkthroughs, allowing you to broadcast without interfering with the gaming experience.

With the combination of streaming software and eye tracking technology, you can now broadcast your content while displaying a visual representation of your real-time eye movements on the live stream. This is made possible when using the Tobii Streaming Gaze Overlay, in combination with the XSplit Broadcaster streaming software.

Gaze overlay makes your streams more vivid as your viewers no longer are limited to a static game screen. Now they can see exactly where you are looking and how you prioritize your screen real estate, which gives a better understanding of how you play and why you react the way you do in the game.

What eye tracking adds to XSplit

Gaze overlay. Your eye movements are tracked and shows up on the computer screen as dots. This makes it possible for the viewer to really see where you are looking while you play.

What you need to play

To use Streaming Gaze Overlay with the XSplit Broadcaster software you need:

Visit this page for instructions on how to install and set up the gaze overlay software with XSplit. 

See Counter Strike gameplay with Gaze Overlay

See Dota 2 gameplay with Gaze Overlay

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