Boost to the Bigtime

Tobii Boost to the Big Time Program

With Boost to the Big Time, we’re here to make sure your eye tracking game is a success. Sign up today to be a part of our game developer's Accelerator Program. 

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Guaranteed Distribution

Bundling - Games developed through the accelerator have the opportunity to reach thousands of gamers worldwide via bundling opportunities with our premier gaming partners including MSI, SteelSeries and future gaming laptops with built in eye tracking.

  • Cash for Copies - Tobii will guarantee distribution of up to 10,000 copies of your game.
  • New Gaming Hardware - Bundling opportunities available specifically with the MSI GT72 S Tobii and the Tobii EyeX eye tracking controller for consumers. 
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Get Promoted

Tons of co-marketing opportunities to enhance the visibility of your game and your studio to gamers, partners and developers.

  • Money where our mouth is - We want the world to know about your game.
  • Get your game featured on one of the world's coolest laptops. Our laptop partners typically bundle and feature one AAA game and three indies with every sold laptop
  • Get your game promoted on together with some of the hottest games of this year, such as TheDivision
  • Visibility - We'll include you in upcoming public relations activities including news releases, media demos and media tours with some of the biggest publications in gaming. (IGN, GameSpot, VentureBeat, Tom's Hardware, Polygon etc.)
  • You've Got Mail - Reach thousands of gamers worldwide through exclusive e-mail promotion to Tobii and Tobii partner distribution lists.
  • Let's Mingle - We'll even take you to a social. Well at least our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ channels.
  • More Money! Reselling Tobii eye trackers at a 30% commission on your own web shop (or join Tobii's affiliate program and we'll take care of selling the eye trackers)?
  • Sharing the Spotlight - We love gamers and we love when gamers try the best eye tracking games with us firsthand. Build something fun with us and become a featured demo at CES, GDC and Gamescom.
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Get Support

We’ve established a $1 Million cash and marketing program to support the development of whatever you can dream up for your next game.

  • Smarts - You’ll have access to the best and brightest eye tracking minds in the world, fully at your disposal to conceptualize, support implementation and provide guidance along the way.
  • Tools - With the EyeX Controller, you’ll also have access to code base and the EyeX, Unity and Unreal engines to expedite development - we’ve had successful eye-tracking implementations developed in under 2 days!
  • Expertise - Developed by the strongest and most well-respected name in eye-tracking, the EyeX Controller is incredibly robust, reliable and easy to work with. 

Join the Revolution

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You Dev It.

Create unparalleled immersion.

Tobii eye tracking has revolutionized the way people work in industries spanning retail to research. Now's the time we redefine the way people play.

Aim with your eyes. Make real eye contact with characters.
Explore the environment with a simple glance.

Imagine taking the most natural interaction you have with your game and adding it to the gameplay experience – without taking anything away or inhibiting your traditional controls. With the Tobii EyeX controller, game developers just like you can add incredibly immersive experiences to their games with eye tracking.

Assassin's Creed Development

We Rev It.

Redefine gaming. Get paid. 

Even better? We’ve established a $1,000,000 accelerator program to support the development of whatever you can dream up for your next game or even retrofit into an existing game. We call it the ‘Boost to the Big Time’ and we’re looking for the world’s most creative developers to join us.

Already we’ve seen crazy cool implementations in Tom Clancy’s The Division, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, theHunter and dozens more.  

Get your Tobii EyeX and start developing today

What do you get out of it?

An insanely immersive game, with strong potential to innovate.

  • Global game distribution
  • Stellar marketing opportunities
  • Cash payment

We also have development support devs and studios that show superior creativity and promise in bringing PC gaming to the next level with Tobii eye tracking.

Tobii Tech MSI Support

Be A Game Changer

A first of its kind program, the Boost to the Big Time is open to developers large and small with no restrictions on the size or scope of the game or where it is published.

Any game that features Tobii eye tracking is eligible for the program.

Why Wait? Come be a game changer.