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The Tobii EyeX SDK provides you with the tools needed to build interactive eye-gaze enabled applications faster and easier than ever before, by building on the services provided by the Tobii EyeX Engine.

There are several EyeX SDK packages to choose from, each targeted at a specific development environment, from UE4, Unity, .NET, to C++.

The EyeX SDK is for interactive and gaming applications only. If you want to develop software for analytical purposes, post processing or aggregation of eye tracking data across multiple users, please contact Tobii’s licensing team.

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Easy to Develop with our EyeX Engine & SDK

Go to the Tobii Developer Zone to find all SDKs, samples, ideas and discussions on developing with the Tobii EyeX.

The Tobii EyeX Engine provides a framework that takes care of all the background bits.

Eye Tracking simply adds a new controller layer to your game. Continue using mice, keyboard, joystick, etc... as normal and just add eye tracking with the most natural tool of interaction – our eyes.

Gaming Use Cases - Examples

Natural Targeting:
Son of Nor

  • Aim with your eyes. Look at something and press a button to fire, throw or pick up. Multitask.
  • Run in one direction and fire in another at the same time or shoot in two directions at once. It is loads of fun, very intuitive and incredibly immersive.

Infinite Screen:           Assassin's Creed

  • You control the game camera’s field of view, essentially expanding the scene which creates a more engrossing experience.
  • As you gaze across the screen, the game intuitively pans to where and what you want to look at.

Immersive Graphics & Sound

  • Create a game world closer to reality.
  • Manipulate depth-of-field in any game with a simple look at a particular detail to enhance its graphic. Create emotions by making objects appear in the peripheral vision.

"I’m obviously not a neuroscientist, but my imagination is on fire when I think about a generation of children playing games this way."

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“Eye tracking is such a natural way to interact with a game and creates tons of potential opportunities for gameplay immersion”

Corneliu Vasiliu, Producer, Ubisoft

Boost To The Big Time Program

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Sign Up to our $1M Boost To The Big Time Program

We set up a $1 Million fund for game developers like you!

Join the ranks of Tobii partner studios like Ubisoft and Avalanche Studios to harness the power of eye tracking.

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Guaranteed Distribution

  • Tobii is working with the major gaming hardware manufactures for future launches of gaming devices - i.e. MSi GT72 Tobii.
  • We will pre-purchase copies of eligible games to bundle with the world’s best gaming laptops.
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Get Funded

  • Tobii has a $1M dollar fund for Game Developers to cover the costs of eye tracking integration up front.
  • Build eye tracking into your game and we will give you funding as part of Tobii's Boost to the Big Time program.
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Get Promoted

  • Get your game bundled with MSi and future gaming laptops. This will lead to guaranteed reviews from top gaming media. (VentureBeat, Tom’s Hardware, etc.)
  • The media campaign we had for eye tracking in Assassins Creed Rouge generated more than 10k articles such as from Gamespot.

“I controlled Assassin’s Creed Rogue with my eyes and it was cool as hell.”

What Do You Get?

  • Tobii EyeX Controller Dev Kit
  • Unity Pro Licenses
  • Global Game Distribution
  • Stellar Marketing Opportunities
  • Cash Payments
  • Development Support

"I'm a believer. Eye Tracking is going to fundamentally change the way we interact with games."

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Meet Tobii at tradeshows and other events throughout the year to get hands-on with our latest advancements in eye experience and eye tracking. See our events calendar to find out where you can meet us! Read more

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