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Tobii EyeX Controller

Explore humanized and immersive interactions with the Tobii EyeX Controller.

Tobii EyeX Software

How to use the Tobii EyeX with Windows 10


Natural & Intuitive Experiences

Tobii eye tracking is for devices of the 21st century. Devices delivering natural and intuitive experiences. To achieve this, devices need to know if someone is in front of it, who that is, where their attention is focused on screen and when they step away. With eye tracking, it’s all possible.

Equip your device with these magical powers. A device or computer equipped with an eye tracker “knows” a users intentions because what you look at is a good approximation of what you think. With eye tracking we can humanize our technology. 

Customize existing applications for device bundling or include it in your own settings to create humanized experiences with examples like 'Autolock', Dim Screen' and 'Stay Awake.'

Eye Tracking software for amazing devices

Tobii EyeX Software enables new functions that revolutionize our daily computer interaction. It enhances the experience for any laptop with a touchpad enabling users to point with their eyes naturally and intuitively.

Users can then avoid cumbersome and unnecessary movement of having to reach for their mouse or drag a finger several times on a touchpad to move the mouse cursor to where he or she is already looking. This caters for a much more natural and intuitive interaction with the device. People can now "touch where you look".

We’re on the way to making eye tracking a standard in human-computer interaction. These capabilities are just around the corner, and we're just started - there’re loads more on the way. So keep an eye out.

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 Humanized Technology

  • Dim Screen: The eye tracker knows if you are looking at the screen or not. When you look away, the device automatically dims the screen - saving power and giving privacy.
  • Stay awake: Imagine leaving your laptop idle while being in a meeting. Today's devices can't anticipate when you would like to perform an action. With Tobii eye tracking, devices can understand that you are in front of the computer and will stay awake until you step away from it.
  • Windows Hello: Tobii powers biometric facial recognition for Windows 10 - using the world's 1st ever validated eye tracker for Windows Hello. Your Windows 10 device knows when it’s you, allowing easy and secure logins. There is no need for passwords. Simply sign in to your computer, favorite apps or services with just your presence.

A Growing World of Apps

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Gain full access

Explore cool apps from Tobii Apps:

  • Games –  The power of your natural gaze gives you more control. See the future of gaming unfold, literally, before your very eyes as we take you through classic FPS, space shooter, strategy and many more.
  • Novelties – Demonstrate to your friends how cool eye tracking is with our novelty apps.
  • Convenience – Eye tracking helps to streamline your day-to-day work. Open other apps faster. Navigate naturally. Let your cursor jump to where your eyes pinpoint on screen. 

A World of Amazing Possibilities

The Tobii EyeX controller connects the apps you love and opens them up to a better, more natural reality.

For a full list of compatible software, check out Tobii Apps.

Develop Games and Apps With Eye Tracking

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Develop with EyeX DevKit  

Used as a dev kit, the Tobii EyeX Controller is a dream for any developer looking to create groundbreaking, immersive experiences around eye tracking. 

We’ve cultivated close relationships with a large number of gaming studios who are building eye tracking into their games. Close to 10,000 Tobii Dev Kits are out with developers and the number is growing. We're actively working with 150 studios (and counting) to integrate eye tracking immersions into their games

We are more than happy to develop further great experiences with future partners. Contact us for a chat around the magic we can create together.

*It includes the Tobii Engine plus the SDK and is available at a retail price.


Tech Specs

  • Operating range: 18-40" / 45-100 cm
  • Headbox size: 16 x 12" / 40 x 30 cm at 26" / 65 cm
  • Data rate: >60 Hz
  • Eye to Application latency: 15 ms +/- 5 ms
  • Screen size: Up to 27"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb / 91 grams
  • Size (WxHxL): 0.8x0.6x12.5 in / 20x15x230 mm

System Requirement

performance image

Optimal Performance

  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7
  • System performance: 2.0 GHz quad core Intel i5 or i7. 8GB RAM.

Have any questions or looking for more info? Hop on over to our Support section.

Featured Apps

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