The Division | Aim @ Gaze accuracy

Accuracy for the Aim @ Gaze feature
Aim at gaze
We have seen some cases where people find the accuracy for the Aim @ Gaze feature very off. There is a small offset of typically up to 2 cm which makes the aim not 100% spot on accurate. 

Please note that there's a difference between using a computer mouse and a controller to play. The Aim @ Gaze feature will primarily be useful for gamers that play with controllers since a computer mouse will always have better precision. And be faster. 
Just as in real life the accuracy depends on many factors (if you run, sit, stand, etc…). The potential offset will be bigger if you position yourself, for the eye tracker, in challenging positions/situations and therefore it’s important that you make sure that the EyeX controller 
is mounted correctly and that you’re sitting within the recommended distance for optimal eye tracking performance, i.e. position yourself about 45 - 90 cm from the screen. 

Aim @ Gaze is set not to trigger when the gaze point is too close to the player in the game world since that would cause undesirable behavior for the player.

Another reason could be your DPI settings, the DPI needs to be set to 100%. 
Note that you have to log out/in of Windows to make the DPI changes apply.